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 flash boreal kiss
name : mayukit(+jangung)
address : Nagoya Japan, Hong Kong, Taoyuan Taiwan
Languages : Japanese, English, Cantonese, Mandarin Chinese and Spanglish
hobby : gardening, table talk
my camera : SX70, 690SLR, Lomo LC-A, AGFA505, E-410, EP-1, XZ-1, OM-D, 60D

Exhibition : 「Cafe Loffel 2nd anniversary」(2005)
Book : 「Camera People #2」#097(2007)
Calendar : 「AQUENT Calendar 2008」APL(2008)
iPhone : Camera People(2010)

name : gingoro(gin-kun)
birthday : 03/1997
like : catfood, bathroom, veranda, pillow…
blood-Type : A
hobby : sleep, eat